Will I be paying when using my mobile App abroad?

The simple answer is that it all depends on the mobile provider you are with. If, like me, you do not pay to receive international calls and have data on your UK mobile when abroad (I use my UK mobile when I am in Italy), then it will make no difference if you are in UK or outside of it when using your mobile.

VOIspeed App Diagram

I’ll explain how it works:

On the VOIspeed App you have multiple features (phonebook, presence, call recording, etc.) and they all use your data connection (e.g. Wi-Fi or 4g). Therefore, they will ‘eat’ data from your monthly allowance. However, and this is the beauty of it, not a LOT of data compared to other Apps because any phone calls you make or receive will not be using data at all! These calls will always be made from your phone system which, do not forget, is safely hosted in the UK cloud and will not move from there wherever you travel. Therefore, any calls you will be making from your mobile will have many important features:

  • The call made will display your office number and NOT your mobile number
  • When you receive a call, it will display the number people have called you on (are you running more than one business perhaps?)
  • Most important of all, all calls will originate from the UK and therefore will be included in your company bundle, regardless of where you are.

Why then it is important to check with your mobile provider if you will be charged to receive calls on your mobile when abroad? To put it simply, it is because the mobile will always receive a call from your phone system that will be making a UK to UK call (i.e. both your phone system and mobile phone will have a UK number).

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