Conference Call

Conference Call

Conference Call with VOIspeed for that quick work call!  You can relieve stress by conference calling for that morning team catch up call: you can be at the kitchen table without wasting time preparing yourself and your surroundings, or coping with lack of bandwidth for a video call!

VOIspeed conference calling has no time limit and for internal calls can be as simple as a hitting a speed dial key on your phone or Software.

Great audio quality is standard with VOIspeed as it is a proprietary technology with little bandwidth unlike video and most  phone conferencing technologies.

Want to hit the conference speed dial now? We can create a conference call number on your VOIspeed phone system to which every remote worker can set as a speed dial.

Call the VOIspeed team now on 01727 848186 for more information.   If you are a VOIspeed user already and want to set up your company conference calling, please see how to do it  here.  Alternatively, contact our support team with a simple request to set up a conference call number.

At VOIspeed Ltd we realise phone conferencing cannot be used alone and we enjoy video too.  We regularly review technology  and Giuseppe and our team put together their thoughts on remote working technologies such as  Zoom, GotoMeeting/Webinar and JoinMe supplementing your VOIspeed phone system in this Linked In post. 


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