Prepare for Remote Working now

Many companies (including some of our customers) are advising their customers to work remotely or are preparing for this eventuality.   The good news is that as a customer of VOIspeed you already have the capability of remote work using the VOIspeed App.     

  1. Login to your VOIspeed User Interface (ask us your details if you do not have them)
  2. Send your mobile number and your VOIspeed extension to
  3. Download the App. Ask each employee whether on Android or Apple to search VOIspeed and install the App.
  4. Select your mobile as the main device on the App (NOT on the software running on your PC)
  5. If you are part of a group and want your mobile to ring, then you may need to change your personal settings. Get in touch with us
  6. To avoid feeling completely isolated upload a picture of yourself (possibly smiling!) to your User Interface and encourage others to do the same, as it will also appear on your App, and will help you feel more connected with other people
  7. Practise using the App.  At VOIspeed Ltd we do not all remote work at present but are practising using the App to take your calls… in case we have to!
  8. We have a ‘how to’ on our website support page: and advice on our Linked In page about remote working too.


For any other questions do get in touch with Dan and Said emailing

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