What do you need for remote-working with VOIspeed

Your VOIspeed system is managing your phone calls and will enable your remote working at any time. First though, do you have everything you need to work remotely?

These are some actions you can take to be prepared:

Unplug your desk phone and connect it at home and it will work exactly as if you were in the office.

However, you need to check a few things before doing that:

  • Do you have one cable or two cables going to the phone? This will allow you to verify if the phone is powered through the main network cable or do you have a separate power supply. If you have an external power supply, then please un-plug it together with the phone and take it home with the phone or you can buy an additional one and you can contact us if this is the case.
  • When you connect the phone at home do you have one-way audio or no audio at all? If this is the case, you need to check on the firewall settings of your router that the VOIspeed application is allowed and all the settings allow a third party application. Check also that SIP ALG is disabled on the router as this could create problems too.
  • Install the VOIspeed software on your PC. If you contact us one of our engineers can help you with that by accessing your PC remotely. If you do not have a Windows PC, you can access our software on a browser (like Safari or Chrome for example) by going to this url https://ui.cluana.com/ng/?

In addition, you can use your mobile as the office phone by downloading and logging-in to the VOIspeed App. You can find more information on how to do it on this post.

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