GUI VOIspeed

Answer, Reject or End a Call

The GUI displays the list of devices associated with user in the top left corner of the GUI. Please see the description of the devices

Record a Call

Record all your conversations by clicking on the recording button of your User Interface or automatic recording from the server…

Come scegliere le impostazioni di gestione della chiamata sulla propria UI
VOIspeed V6 Video Guides

Documentation on how to use our VOIspeed GUI software application to make your life and calls at the work place easier..

How To Make A Call On The UI in V4

In VOIpseed V4, you can make a call from the GUI by double clicking on the desired contact which could be an internal user or a contact from the address book

Groups and Departments

You can access the all departments on the GUI by clicking on the group icon at the top left corner of the GUI.

FIrewall Ports Setup
Configuring User Accounts V6

To access the configuration of GUI click on the setting icon Settings Vert of the configuration and then click on the User section from the top menu

Call Pickup

To pick a call from an extension that is ringing (the edge of the corresponding user is orange), right click on the user icon

State of the GUI

You can select the state of the GUI by clicking on the drop down menu in the top left hand corner of the GUI

Managing Communication Devices

The GUI allows each user to use up to 4 SIP communication devices, including mobile phones. To associate a SIP device with GUI

Gigaset N300
Overview of the GUI

The VOIspeed 6 Graphical User Interface (GUI) is a centralised control application which manages user communication devices

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